We are entering peak wedding season. Brides and grooms to be are overwhelmed by the details of their weddings and honeymoons, so it is hard to think of adding anything extra to the to-do list. But there is one group of people who prey on newlyweds for more than free food and drink at the reception. A wedding makes your home appealing to thieves for a few reasons. First, it provides an opportunity. A wedding means an empty house, and a honeymoon means it is empty for a stretch of time. People are often out of the home a lot in the run up to the wedding as well. Second, that empty home houses a lot of lovely new wedding gifts and the bride’s jewellery. That’s pretty tempting to thieves.

So one less glamorous step to take in the run up to a wedding is to review your home security. And if a couple is setting up housekeeping after the wedding or moving to a new home, that’s an ideal time to consider your home security needs. You want your new life together to be secure in every way, so it makes sense to protect your home with the latest home security solutions.

Feel Secure On Your Honeymoon

You deserve to relax on your honeymoon. The run up to a wedding can be stressful, and every couple deserves a break and a chance to remember why they got married. Your honeymoon should be relaxing and romantic, without a care in the world. And knowing that you have solid, comprehensive home security protecting your house 24/7 means you don’t have to worry about it.

With home automation, you can reassure yourself with live CCTV footage of what is happening in your home at any time. Or you can leave it in our hands, secure in the knowledge that Action24 has your back. Any alarm activation of any type gets a response from our trained team of security experts. We alert emergency services and the nominated keyholder, and you can arrange for Action24 to be your keyholder and take action when your alarm is activated. Neighbours and loved ones can be a great help minding your house, but with a team of Garda-vetted professionals you can totally relax knowing that your home has comprehensive security protection 24/7.