If you have a dog, you might find yourself alternating between a feeling of extra security and a sense of fear. Most dogs will bark if someone approaches the house, and they would certainly do their best to protect their humans and home. On the other hand, there is a steady trickle of disturbing news stories about beloved pets being stolen. How much can you rely on your dog to protect your property, and how can you protect your pooch?

While most dogs are good alarm systems, today’s criminals have methods to subdue and overpower dogs. Your dog certainly is a part of your home security. He’s an extra set of eyes and ears, with a high-powered nose and excellent instincts about people. He also comes equipped with two very effective deterrents: his bark and his bite. But he isn’t a comprehensive home security system. And he does have one key weakness: treats.

Your dog and your home security system can work together. Your dog’s bark is an excellent announcement system. It tells you someone is approaching, and it tells the person approaching that they have been detected. (This is a good reason never to scold your dog for barking at people arriving to your house.) But after that, your home security system should take over.

Your CCTV can tell you who is approaching. The intruder alarm will let you know if anyone tries to break in. Your remote monitoring will respond to any alarm activation by confirming the situation and then contacting emergency services as appropriate. While dogs can do a lot of tricks and learn a large vocabulary, so far they’ve not proven reliable about using phones.

Protecting Your Pets And Your Home

Unfortunately, your pets also need protection. They are more vulnerable in the garden than in the house, but there have been cases of thieves breaking into houses to steal dogs they believe are valuable. But a comprehensive, state of the art home security system offers strong protection. The flashing LED bell box is a good deterrent. A criminal who sees that and hears a dog barking knows your house is not an easy mark. And most of them will continue on, looking for a less protected target.

As every pet owner knows, criminals are not the only ones who pose a danger to your house. We aren’t talking about post carriers here. There is a member of your household who sometimes struggles with self-control and has a natural fondness for your shoes and clothing, the stuffing in upholstered furniture and anything you left out on the kitchen counter. A complete home security system that allows you to remotely view live CCTV can also clear up any mysteries about how small items in one room got into another or what happened to the packet of butter that was there this morning. Pet owners who work outside the home often wonder what exactly their furry friends get up during the day. Now it would be silly to install CCTV just to catch your pets at their antics. But it is a nice bonus that you can check the pet cam while you are at work. You can even remotely switch on some music if your pet seems bored.