Professional monitoring

Action24’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), is certified to the European Standard EN50518 – the highest level standard an ARC can receive. To meet EN50518, an ARC must operate 24/7, including during a crisis and have proper reaction time based on the risk priority for the customer. Certification for EN-50518 covers all elements of the operation of a monitoring centre from HR and admin all the way through to response times, even the type of doors used within our alarm receiving centre! The Action24 ARC is certified under PSA 33, This is a license issued by the Private Security Authority in Ireland . All of our valued staff members have been trained to exceptionally high standards, are Garda vetted and are individually licensed by the Private Security Authority (PSA). We are a people driven business and we are passionate about empowering all employees to reach their potential.

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Professional monitoring - Alarm house from Action24
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Our People

Paul Manley – Operations Manager Paul is our Operations Manager and is responsible for the day to day running of our alarm receiving centre. Paul is well known in the security industry, with over 25 years experience specialising in the monitoring sector. He brings a vast wealth of experience with him having been employed in various managerial positions in monitoring centres such as Allied Alarms, ADT/Modern and Alarm Monitoring Services (AMS).

Sean Leavy – Technical Operations Manager Sean is the most recent addition to our Senior Management Team, having joined us from G4S in August 2017. A seasoned security industry professional, Sean is responsible for driving new technology throughout our business to ensure our customers receive the best and most efficient security monitoring service in the industry today. Sean is the Vice Chairman of the Monitoring Division of the Irish Security Industry Association and The Chairman of the National Monitoring Forum.

Martin Doyle – Senior Radio Engineer Martin is responsible for the operation and configuration of our radio network. Martin has over 25 years rolling out radio networks throughout Ireland and is a key part of our business.

John O’Brien – Group IT Manager John is responsible for the management and configuration of all of our IT systems and is very much our IT guru. John oversees the systems we utilise for our Remotewatch Live CCTV offering, plays a key role in solving CCTV connection issues, network and system issues and ensures that all of our systems run smoothly 24/7.

Team of Operators Our management team are backed up by a team of skilled and dedicated operators who strive to continually improve the level of service we give to customers. All of our ARC operators are trained specifically in the operation of our start of the art monitoring centre. All operators are Garda vetted and PSA licensed.

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Our Live CCTV monitored alarm systems option, Remotewatch™ is available for both home and business. Improvements in technology & communications infrastructure have driven down the cost of Live CCTV monitoring, making it more accessible and affordable than ever before. Our Remotewatch™ solution can be tailored to meet almost any budget whilst still providing the highest level of security for your Home or Business. Click here to view our short video on how Remotewatch™ can protect your home or business. Finance options including lease arrangements are available and can be arranged within 24 hours.

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