Your home alarm needs to do more than make noise. If you and most of your neighbours are at work when your alarm goes off, what will happen? People will get annoyed. They’ll wait to see if it goes off before they think about taking any action. Meanwhile, an intruder or fire could be destroying your home.

It is handy to have a trusted neighbour have a spare key just in case you get locked out. But if your alarm is going off, is it really wise to ask a neighbour to put themselves at risk going into your house to see what is happening? That is one key benefit of using a professional security company. Action24 offers a monitored alarm service for customers throughout Ireland. When your alarm is activated, our team is notified instantly. We take action instantly to protect your home by contacting emergency services, and if you have arranged for us to be a keyholder, our team will attend your home if you are unavailable.

The Key To Home Protection

If you’ve signed up for Action24’s keyholder service, whether you are stuck in a work meeting or lounging on a beach overseas, someone will look after your house. If your alarm goes off, it won’t just blare and blare while the neighbours silently resent the noise. Our team of security experts will be on hand for you.

When you go on holidays, it makes sense to have a friend or neighbour check your home daily. They can take in your post and tidy up any litter in your garden to make your house look lived in. If you have pets such as fish or cats staying at home, a friend can feed them and make sure they are okay. But in the event of an emergency, you need more. You need the experience of a well prepared professional security company.

If you have signed up for Action24’s keyholding service, if your home alarm goes off and you are unavailable, we can dispatch trained security personnel to your home. We work with emergency services and act as your representative on the scene. Action24 is your eyes and ears, working to ensure the safety of your home no matter where you are.