Large Organisations

Securing Property. Protecting Staff.

We recognise the complexities involved in securing a large business property. We provide professionally monitored security solutions for large organisations ranging from single-site to multi-location enterprises.

With bespoke security systems, live CCTV monitoring, fire protection and access control systems, you can keep your business secure, have instant visibility into key operational activities and make substantial cost savings.

We provide 24/7 immediate response to intruder, CCTV, fire and panic alarms by our monitoring centre operators, who coordinate emergency services and notify keyholders as required. 

Security Systems

We recognise the difference and complexities involved in securing a large organisation. One size does not fit all and the security system has to work to suit the size and operation of the business. Action24 will carry out a bespoke consultation service to give you an indication of what is required in order to protect your premises, your people and your daily operations.

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Live HD CCTV - Remotewatch™

Our Remotewatch™ Live HD CCTV solution offers remote CCTV monitoring with cutting edge technology. We use a form of Live CCTV monitoring which analyses the images presented to our operators. The technology ascertains whether it is a true alarm or a false alarm (e.g. a blowing tree). The advantage? Operator time is focused on real activations. This means quicker response time and a more efficient monitoring of your business.

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Access Control Systems

Access control systems are used to limit the movements of unauthorised persons to sensitive or restricted areas of your premises. We have three main levels of access control systems, each one providing a higher level of security than the one preceding it.

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