Spring is here, and the days are getting longer and brighter. In the winter, most of us leave work and arrive home after it is dark. We just want to get home and get comfortable after a day at work during the dreary winter. But when the sun comes out at long last, that changes. We’re more flexible. We generally expect to get home while it is still light, so we aren’t too worried about setting the lights to come on before we arrive. But now and again after a hard day, someone at work mentions how nice it would be to have a pint at that pub that just set up their outdoor tables.

Sure, it is possible to have one quick pint with your mates and arrive home while it is still light. But what if you’re having a well-earned great time and don’t feel like it? What if you would rather stay out? The last thing that should factor into your decision is fear of fumbling with your keys at your dark front door and worrying about your safety.

Flexible Home Security For Your Flexible Life

The alarm.com app empowers you to operate your home security system remotely. When your plans change, you can easily change your home security settings to suit you. Put the lights and stereo on so your house looks occupied while you enjoy an evening out with your colleagues. Check the live CCTV video to make sure the cat is okay or review the saved clips to see what he’s been up to while you are away. Relax knowing that if any sort of alarm event occurs, you’d be notified in real time. Alarm.com works with all smartphones and tablets.

Our routines change with the seasons, and sometimes they aren’t so routine at all. One night you might have an emergency meeting, the next it might be a spontaneous pint after work. And sometimes it is something a lot more serious. A loved one could suffer an accident, illness or other crisis. Instead of heading home on your usual schedule, you could be visiting a relative in hospital or consoling an upset friend. And when a crisis strikes, it is a huge comfort to know your home is safe. We can’t control the infinite number of things that can disrupt our plans, but we can control our home security system remotely. That’s one less thing to worry about this spring.