Staying Safe For The Summer

It’s summer, and many of us abandon our normal routines. Children are out of school and into day camps that change every week. The evenings are longer, and we have more opportunities to do things after work. A sunny weekend might inspire at spontaneous camping trip.

Or the weather might stay wet and miserable, and a spontaneous city break to warmer climes becomes irresistible. Most of the year, it is easy to stay in a routine. But not in summer. Summer is made for spontaneous fun. And with the right home automation and security, you can enjoy some spontaneity knowing your home is secure. Here are our home security tips for the summer.

Without an automated home security system, you have to think about setting a timer for the porch light if you are going to be out late. You can’t check what’s happening at your house, let alone determine what happens when you aren’t there. But an automated home security system gives you a smart house. And that gives you safety, control and peace of mind.

How Having a Smart House Changes Your Summer

Did you know that with home automation, you can monitor and control what happens at your home when you are away?
With your smartphone, you can turn electronics and lights on and off. You can check live external cameral and video doorbell footage of your property to see what is happening. It’s a cutting edge approach to home security that allows you to be more flexible and spontaneous in the summer and every other season too.

  • Check in when you are out.  If you want to know what is happening at home before you decide what to do with your evening, you can view real time video of your home on your smartphone. Pet owners love this feature when they are deciding if it okay to leave their furry friends home alone a little longer or not.
  • Leave a light on.  In the winter, office workers know it will be dark when they get home. But in summer, it is light very late. So if you make a last minute decision to do something, you risk coming home to a dark house – unless you have a home automation system. You can turn the lights on inside and out remotely from your device. So no matter what time you get home, your smart house will be bright and ready for you.

Worries about home security shouldn’t cramp your spontaneous summer style. With an automated home security system, you have a smart house and a secure house. You’re in charge of your smart house, no matter where you are. You can read more home security tips in our expert blog.