Access Control Systems

Access control systems are used to limit the movements of unauthorised persons to sensitive or restricted areas of your premises. We have three main levels of access control systems, each one providing a higher level of security than the one preceding it.

Mechanical code lock
Our entry level system is a simple mechanical code lock. This system is cost effective and keys can be easily cut.
Stand-alone proximity reader
Our next level offering is a stand-alone proximity reader. With this system access is gained through swipe card or fobs which can be tailored for different access levels.
Fully networkable access control system
Our highest level offering is an integrated and fully networkable access control system. This gives the owner of the system the ability to track and record the precise movement of people within certain areas of the premises. Access is typically through a swipe card or fob but Bluetooth (via smart phone) and facial recognition can also be utilised. All movements are recorded and access rights are managed on site via a network installed or web based management tool.


We have recently installed a number of high end turnstile systems for our large corporate clients. These turnstiles are aesthetically pleasing but more importantly extremely efficient in controlling the movement of personnel within and into a premises.

Our turnstile solutions can be manufactured to compliment all types of building entrance ways and we offer many different design options.

Intercom Systems

Entry-level intercom systems allow audio communication between the outside call panel and internal handset(s). Where extra reassurance is required our video systems display an image of the caller on the internal handset(s). When the caller has identified themselves as genuine, it is possible to let them in by pressing the lock release button on the handset which will operate an optional electric lock fitted to the main entrance door.