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Customer Support Hub

Please check out our Customer Support Hub to find answers and guidelines to common queries relating to your Action24 Security System.

I am getting low battery signals from my alarm. What do I do?

The smart alarm system that we have installed for you is a wireless system. The sensor and internal beams we have fitted contain batteries which need to be changed every 3-5 years. 

The supply and fit of these batteries is covered under your maintenance and monitoring agreement with us.

If you get a low battery alert from your system you do not need to contact us. Your system is still connected and monitored. 

The Customer Service Team will  arrange an engineer visit with you in due course.

I'm moving house, what should I do regarding my alarm?

Give us a call @01 297 3333, select 1 to talk to one of our team members and we will work out the best option for you.

Can I reschedule my installation date?

Yes, that is no problem. Please call our sales team @ 01 297 3333, option 1 and we can work out a date to suit you.

Can I upgrade my current alarm system?

Our latest smart alarm system is the IQ System with full touchscreen technology. We currently have a special offer. More information here: https://www.action24.ie/promotions/

Can I get a user manual for my alarm system?
How do I get the Smart Alarm App?

You can download the Smart Alarm App from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You will receive a username and first-time password by Action24 via email.

How do I arrange a service of my alarm system?

Your Action24 system receives a full remote daily health check as part of the monitoring service with us. If you wish to book a service of your alarm system please email support@action24.ie and we will be in touch to arrange an engineer visit.

My SkyBell is flashing orange or red/green. What should I do?

If your SkyBell is flashing ORANGE or flashing RED GREEN it needs to be relearned to your Wifi and alarm.com account.

Please follow our SkyBell Troubleshoot Guide

How do I add new users/logins to my alarm system? (for alarm.com app users)

1) On a PC go to www.alarm.com

2) Click login -customers- (top right)

3) Login with the primary user name for your account and whatever password was set up for that account (Action24 can reset your password if you have forgotten this)

4) Click users on the left hand side of page

5) Click manage logins (middle top of page)

6) Click add a login (right middle)

7) Add in their details in the various boxes and click save

8) Click the circle corresponding to the permission level you wish to give them

9) Click Save

Inform the new user of their login name (you will normally set this to be the users email address)

They will have received an email with a temp password. The new user can log into alarm.com on a PC with their username and the temp password where they will then have the opportunity to set their own password.

After completing this they can then log into the app with the new details.

How do I give access to my property by issuing unique codes? (for alarm.com app users)

1) On a PC go to www.alarm.com

2) Click login (top right)

3) Login with your user name and whatever password you set up (Action24 can reset your password if you have forgotten this)

4) Click users on the left hand side of page

5) Click Add User (blue button left hand side near top of page)

6) Fill in their name (or generic name such as Child Minder)

7) Add contact details email if you wish

8) Click the lock symbol bottom left

9) Click Access Code area which will initially have four blanks (this will have appeared under the lock symbol after you click it)

10) Fill in the four digit code you wish them to use

11) Scroll down if required and select if you want access at all times or limited (if limited fill in time details)

12) Click save this will send the details to the panel usually within 10 to 20 minutes

You can easily add new user codes to your system from the app. This short video explains how.

How do I manage the notifications I get via the app.

You can manage what notifications you get via your app (whether they are push, text or email alerts).

  • Go into your Alarm.com App
  • Click the 3 bars in top left corner
  • Scroll down to ‘Notifications’
  • You will see what’s enabled for your device
  • Click the settings icon in top right corner to view all notifications  (active and paused)

The latest in smart alarm systems

New IQ Full Touchscreen Control Panel
1 min 28 sec
Quick intro on how to arm your system via the IQ control panel (the latest technology in smart alarm systems)
Smart Alarm & App working together
1 min 5 sec
Summary of the features available via the alarm.com app that's included in the Action Smart Alarm System

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