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Interactive Monitored Alarms

What is a Smart Alarm?

Home security monitoring isn’t your standard wired system anymore. Our smart alarm system allows for complete home control via your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can control your security system, view live and recorded CCTV and manage your lights from almost anywhere.

How do I get the App?

You can download from the App Store or Google Play. You will receive a username and first-time password by Action24 via email.

Will a Smart Alarm work with pets in the home?

Yes, Action24 internal motion sensors are pet friendly. Plus our smart security system allows you to check in on your pet remotely via Internal Cameras.

Will my alarm work if the power goes out?

You are always connected and protected. Action24 Security Systems will continue to work in the event of a power outage.

Do I have to be tech-savvy to use a Smart Alarm?

The Action24 Touchscreen Control Panel is the easiest panel to use on the market. Highly intuitive and easy to navigate.

Can you install this alarm in an old house?

Yes. Action24 Smart Alarm Systems work in any type of home.

Can I add cameras and other devices to the Smart Alarm?

Yes, you can enhance your alarm system with additional products like WiFi cameras, a video doorbell (SkyBell), smart plugs and Fire Protection like Smoke Detectors and CO Detectors.

What are Z-Wave devices?

Z–Wave is a wireless technology that lets smart devices talk to one another. Household products, like intruder alarm panels and lights are made “smart” when Z–Wave connectivity is added inside the product’s design, giving them the capability to communicate and perform the desired function. The Action24™ smart alarm panel is Z-Wave enabled and the devices that are communicating with your alarm panel are your smartphone app and electrical sockets.

Can I add light and home automation to my Smart Alarm?

Yes. Control of lights and other electrical appliances is easily integrated to your smart alarm panel via Z-Wave.

Z–Wave is a wireless technology that lets smart devices talk to one another. Household products, like intruder alarm panels and lights are made “smart” when Z–Wave connectivity is added inside the product’s design, giving them the capability to communicate and perform the desired function. The Action24 touchscreen panel is Z-Wave enabled and the devices that are communicating with your alarm panel are your smartphone app and electrical sockets.

What is included in my monthly fee?
  • We instantly respond when your alarm activates and notify you & nominated keyholders.
  • You will also get a notification from your smart device through the app. Two layers of protection.
  • Action24 have immediate access to Gardaí, Fire and Ambulance services in the case of an emergency.
  • Action24 Customers are registered on the Garda Pulse System.
  • We are here 24/7/365. Offering complete protection for you and your family.
  • Unlimited standard service calls during normal business hours Monday to Friday.
  • Full warranty and free replacement of system parts. Battery replacement included. (T&Cs apply).
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How many devices can I download the alarm.com app on?

Unlimited. The App can be downloaded to as many smartphones and tablets as you need. At no extra cost.

How do I add a Smart Plug?

Full details on our Smart Plug information page

How do I add new users/logins to my alarm system?

1) On a PC go to www.alarm.com

2) Click login -customers- (top right)

3) Login with the primary user name for your account and whatever password was set up for that account (Action24 can reset your password if you have forgotten this)

4) Click users on the left hand side of page

5) Click manage logins (middle top of page)

6) Click add a login (right middle)

7) Add in their details in the various boxes and click save

8) Click the circle corresponding to the permission level you wish to give them

9) Click Save

Inform the new user of their login name (you will normally set this to be the users email address)

They will have received an email with a temp password. The new user can log into alarm.com on a PC with their username and the temp password where they will then have the opportunity to set their own password.

After completing this they can then log into the app with the new details.

How do I give access to my property (issuing unique codes)?

1) On a PC go to www.alarm.com

2) Click login (top right)

3) Login with your user name and whatever password you set up (Action24 can reset your password if you have forgotten this)

4) Click users on the left hand side of page

5) Click Add User (blue button left hand side near top of page)

6) Fill in their name (or generic name such as Child Minder)

7) Add contact details email if you wish

8) Click the lock symbol bottom left

9) Click Access Code area which will initially have four blanks (this will have appeared under the lock symbol after you click it)

10) Fill in the four digit code you wish them to use

11) Scroll down if required and select if you want access at all times or limited (if limited fill in time details)

12) Click save this will send the details to the panel usually within 10 to 20 minutes

You can easily add new user codes to your system from the app. This short video explains how.

Can I get a user manual for my new alarm system?

Yes, a user guide is attached to your confirmation email when you book your alarm installation. If you want a printed version, please email service@action24.ie

How do I arrange a service of my alarm system?

Your Action24 system receives a full remote daily health check as part of the  monitoring service with us. If you wish to book a service of your alarm system please email  service@action24.ie and we will be in touch to arrange an engineer visit.

New Customer

How does alarm monitoring work?

Can I save money on my homeowners insurance by having an alarm system?

Yes, some insurance companies provide up to a 20% discount on your homeowners insurance by having a monitored alarm system. Please check with your insurance company for more information.

What if I have an old alarm system, will you take that down?

We can take down old alarm systems on the day of your new Action24 Alarm installation. If you require this at an earlier date, our engineers can power down your old system and then return on the day of installation to take down the old alarm system and install the new equipment.

Do I own my Action24 alarm system after installation?

Yes. Unlike some of our competitors like Phonewatch, once you have paid for the installation you then own the equipment in your home.

Does my home need to be pre-wired for an alarm system?

No, our Touchscreen Control Panel is completely wireless.

Does the installation take long? What’s involved in it?

The average security system on a 3 bedroom house for example would take 2 to 3 hours.

Our engineer will fit the Bell Box, internal contact and motion sensors and the Touchscreen Control Panel.

You will be shown how to use the Control Panel with the App.

Additional devices like a WiFi camera and the Skybell which require sufficient broadband could take more time to install.

How can I sign up to get an Action24 alarm system?

Simply call 01-2973333 or email sales@action24.ie . We will contact you immediately to arrange.

False Alarms

How can I prevent false alarms?

Home security systems not only help to discourage intruders from breaking into your home, but they also give you an added peace of mind. Help reduce the burden placed on the emergency services responding to false alarms when real crimes are being committed elsewhere.

Help prevent false alarms by following the checklist below.

  • Be comfortable with using your system
  • Know what happens when a panic button is pushed
  • Consider who should have access to your home and make sure they know your code and how to use the alarm
  • Test your system monthly
  • Always keep your emergency contact list up to date
  • Be aware of typical triggers, like securing all doors and windows before arming your system and that pets can set off motion detectors
  • Call us before you carry out house renovations
  • Cover your smoke detectors during construction, building repairs, and major cleaning

Moving Home

Can you move your Action24 Alarm System with you if you move house?

Yes. There may be a re-installation charge but your monthly fee will not change. Please email info@action24.ie or call us at 01-2973333.

Remotewatch Live CCTV

What is the Protocol for Remotewatch Live CCTV activations?

Generally once a perimeter beam or a protected area is breached, an image and video clip will appear in our monitoring centre. Our operators will give an audible personalised message to the intruder. Our operator will then call the Gardai, keyholders and emergency services according to protocol agreed with the client.

Live CCTV monitoring is a very personalised service. Every site will have different protocols depending on the circumstances and site type. We are happy to go through protocol examples we can implement as part of our solution provision. The protocols can be easily altered at any time.

Analytic based monitoring v Traditional CCTV monitoring

Traditional CCTV monitoring sends in a video clip to the Control Room when an outside beam in a protected area is breached. The beam is unable to distinguish between a person, animal, car and rubbish blowing in the wind. This means that the operator now has to deal a high level of false alarm activity which are extremely time consuming and an divert attention away from genuine activations.

Analytics based CCTV monitoring utilises advanced video pattern detection technology in the camera itself that accurately identifies the movement of people and vehicles and ignores everything else. This means that any CCTV alarm sent to our monitoring centre are genuine alarms (a person or a vehicle).

How does video analytics work?

Analytics systems use complex algorithms in-built into the hardware that accurately identify how humans and vehicles move and can track and trace their movements in real time as they move across the camera’s field of vision.

Analytic based CCTV systems are designed to ignore anything that is not classified as a human or vehicle. Once the system is armed, any human or vehicular movement that occurs in a specified area on camera is immediately detected and the offending video clip is sent to our monitoring centre for analysis.

Is Remotewatch Live CCTV suitable for domestic homes?

Yes. Remotewatch can be deployed in any outdoor environment. The reduction in the price of the equipment needed for Remotewatch and market place competitiveness have meant Live CCTV monitoring is now a viable option for nearly any type of home.

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