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Moving Home FAQ

I’m moving soon. What should I do?

It is never too late to let us know that you are moving. Get in contact with us and our expert team will go through your options and accommodate any evolving needs.

What happens to my existing contract?

If you are an existing customer and you are moving, our accounts team would be happy to work out an arrangement for you. Call us 01 297 3333, option 2.

What happens to the alarm in my previous home?

Moving home can be stressful so we want to make this seamless and hassle free. And ensure you experience the same feeling of security in your new home.

Action24 will install a brand new alarm in your new home, without any added pressure to remove the system in your previous home. The new home owner will then also have the opportunity to take over this system.

What happens if I need additional devices?

Our priority is to make you feel safer. Our Smart Alarm Systems can be tailored to suit any home. Our sales team will go through the details over the phone to ensure all the necessary doors and windows are covered. Our professional engineers always complete a full safety assessment on the day of installation and will make recommendations if they see any other security risk.

My new home already as an Action24 Alarm, can I use this? and set up account?

If your new home already has an Action24 Alarm System, we can certainly help you.

Firstly, we will need to evaluate the type of system you have.

Please contact our sales team on 01 297 3333 (option 1).

Or fill in the form to request a callback on our dedicated Moving Home webpage