Outdoor 4MP Varifocal Camera

External Home Security Camera (Hard-wired)

The Action24 Alarm.com bullet outdoor camera has an adjustable ball joint mount and motorized varifocal lens, offering greater installation flexibility in indoor & outdoor environments and allowing users to remotely widen and narrow the camera’s field of view without any loss of quality. The camera enables intelligent analytics for object detection and activity tracking. It stores 3000 video clips.

4MP HDR video
Will record a clip anytime the alarm is activated
Recording with Smart View
Can record based on rules - e.g. if someone enters into an area in the field of view of the camera, or crosses a “trip wire line”
Video Analytics with Object Detection
Anytime live view from the same app as the alarm
Press to record from live view
3000 clips of storage
Power over Ethernet
No hard drive required
IR night vision
IP66-rated waterproof & dust-tight
Outdoor Security Camera

External Camera Benefits

Check out this video from Alarm.com on the added features of the Outdoor Varifocal Camera.

  • The camera’s Perimeter Guard™ proactive defense uses Video Analytics to notify you when people enter your property unexpectedly.
  • With an attention-grabbing combination of sound alerts and flashing red LEDs, the system will deter suspicious or unwanted behavior, stopping intruders in their tracks.

Indoor WiFi Camera

Internal Home Security Camera (WiFi connected)

The internal WiFi HD camera is an excellent addition to your alarm system. This indoor home security camera can be used to keep an eye on your pets while you are away. Use it in a baby room, the HD view at night is a great benefit to watch over the new little person in your family. Only you can view the videos on your private and secure connection. The camera is not monitored by Action24.

The benefits of Indoor Security Camera:

1080 Pixel Indoor WiFi HD Video 
Two -Way Audio: Have a two-way conversation from your mobile device 
Free standing so you can plug it into any socket and move around your home 
On-Demand live view day and night
Check live view video feed from the app, or record clip from the app
Automatically records a clip when alarm is activated
Receive notifications on a mobile device 
Intelligent Integration: Set up rules to automatically record when a door or window opens even if the alarm is not set
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