Smart Alarm App

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All Action24 smart alarm systems come with the award winning App as standard. It is the leading home security and automation app and will revolutionise the way you use your alarm system in your home.

With all smartphones and tablets
Custom Notifications
Receive real-time alerts via text, push notification, email or phone call
Easy access
Remotely set and unset your alarm. Stay and Away settings so you are safe at home and your house is safe while you are away.
Always aware
Receive notifications direct to your phone when literally any type of alarm event occurs in your home
Forget to set alarm?
Set up geofencing to remind you to set when you move a certain distance away from your home
Keep track
Set up multiple user codes
Manage more than one system
Manage & check other alarm systems on the same app. (e.g. your parents home, your business)
Control lights/radio/electronic devices (all from the same App)
View live footage from your home along with up to 1,000 saved clips
Video Doorbell (Skybell)
View live footage of front door activity along with up to 3,000 saved clips

How to get started with your Smart Alarm App

  1. When you book your Action24 Alarm installation, please download the App in advance of the engineer arriving at your home.
  2. You can download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play (quick links above).
  3. When the Engineer arrives at your house on the scheduled installation date, they will provide you with your login details.
  4. The Engineer will go through the steps with you to set up your app and show you the main functions and features.
  5. You are then ready to use your alarm system remotely from anywhere at anytime.
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