Access Control Systems

Access control system - Action24

Access control systems are used to limit the movements of unauthorised persons to sensitive or restricted areas of your premises.

We have three main levels of access control systems, each one providing a higher level of security than the one preceding it.

Our entry level system is a simple mechanical code lock. This system is cost effective and keys can be easily cut.

Our next level offering is a stand-alone proximity reader. With this system access is gained through fobs, thus removing the issue of having to get keys cut etc.

Our highest level offering is an integrated and fully networkable access control system. This gives the owner of the system the ability to track and record the precise movement of people within certain areas of the premises and can be an important people management and safety tool. Access is typically through a swipe card or fob. All movements are recorded and access rights are managed on site via a network installed management tool.

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We pride ourselves on the highest standard of fleet management and customer service and wouldn’t choose a security partner whose standards weren’t as high. That’s why we chose Action24. Their security products are superior, customer service is top notch and their monitoring experts are always on – always looking after us. We feel good knowing that we can always count on them to keep our business and our people safe

While we operate across Europe, we were founded in Dublin and it was important for us to find a security provider in Dublin to look after our business here. Innovation sits at the heart of our business and Action24 delivers security solutions that are innovative, reliable, hassle-free and with easy to use smart technology that allow us to control our security - our way, while getting the added advantage of Action24’s monitoring experts who are always there looking after us. The peace of mind knowing that our business is in safe hands with a high calibre security solution, allows us to focus what we do best.

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We have recently installed a number of high end turnstile systems for our large corporate clients. These turnstiles are aesthetically pleasing but more importantly extremely efficient in controlling the movement of personnel within and into a premises.

Our turnstile solutions can be manufactured to compliment all types of building entrance ways and we offer many different design options.

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Intercom Systems

Entry-level intercom systems allow audio communication between the outside call panel and internal handset(s). Where extra reassurance is required our video systems display an image of the caller on the internal handset(s). When the caller has identified themselves as genuine, it is possible to let them in by pressing the lock release button on the handset which will operate an optional electric lock fitted to the main entrance door.

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Visit our Showroom

Visit our showroom on Three Rock Road, Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 18 to learn more about the access control systems available. Our staff will be there to explain the characteristics of the available options.

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We are constantly building something new and its important for us to have the best security to protect our latest project and the people working on that site. Safety is a top priority and Action24 has been a great security provider for us. Their cutting edge Remotewatch CCTV is a superior solution that allows us to look after our sites 24.7 while also ensuring the safety of our people. Their customer service and support whenever we need them is first class. Action24 is a trusted partner for our security needs.

Woodbrook first opened in 1927 and a lot has changed since then, including our requirements for security. In the last 10 years it was important for us to find a security partner that could look after all that we have built and offer for our members & guests to enjoy. We found Action24 to be just that solution. They’ve been vigilant in their attention to us, immediate to respond when we needed them and their Remotewatch CCTV Security System has proven to be a great deterrent & solution. Their state of the art technology allows us to sleep soundly at night knowing our club and machinery is always protected & secure.

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