Modernising Surveillance

Action24 and Eagle Eye Networks provide Security Solution for Dublin Utility Provider 

In the heart of Dublin, a leading utility provider faced a pressing challenge: their outdated analogue CCTV system, installed over two decades ago, was no longer meeting their security needs. With three separate buildings to protect and the necessity for cloud storage, the utility company sought a comprehensive solution that would not compromise security during an upgrade process.

Action24 recognised the complexity of the task at hand and partnered with Eagle Eye Networks to formulate the right security solution.

Security Requirement

  • After a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure, it was revealed that none of the 114 analogue cameras were fit for purpose.
  • A complete overhaul was required ensuring seamless security operations during the crossover period.
  • The overhaul resulted in the replacement of all security cameras with state-of-the-art, high-definition units. 
  • Throughout the implementation process, maintaining security was a top priority. Action24 and Eagle Eye Networks worked closely with the utility provider to ensure seamless integration without compromising surveillance capabilities. This involved careful planning and execution to minimise downtime and maintain vigilance during the transition period.

System Solution

Cloud Managed Video Recorder

To address the need for both on-site and cloud storage, Action24 deployed the Eagle Eye Networks Cloud Managed Video Recorder (CMVR) solution. This hybrid approach allowed for 30 days of on-site storage, ensuring immediate access to footage, while also providing an additional layer of security through 60 days of cloud retention. Crucially, the cloud storage solution was not only Cyber Secure but also GDPR compliant, addressing key regulatory requirements.

Additional Benefits

Beyond mere storage and surveillance, the Eagle Eye platform offered additional benefits crucial for the utility provider’s evolving needs. Its flexibility and scalability meant that as new sites were added or retention periods adjusted, the system could effortlessly adapt. Moreover, the Smart Video Search feature proved invaluable, enabling swift retrieval and sharing of incident footage with authorities, eliminating the need for physical visits to the site. Furthermore, the system provided an audit trail of all activities within the platform, bolstering GDPR compliance efforts and instilling confidence in data protection measures.

Looking Forward

Ultimately, Action24’s implementation of the Eagle Eye Networks CMVR solution revolutionised the security landscape for this utility provider. With modernised surveillance capabilities, cloud-based storage, and enhanced functionalities, they now stand equipped to safeguard their assets and operations effectively, both today and into the future.

The successful deployment of the new cloud solution allows the client to monitor activity across all sites from a centralised web-based platform and also to easily expand the CCTV coverage around different buildings to gain better visibility if and when required.

From one centralised platform, the client can manage all sites at scale across any number of properties. At the same time, we can provide users at each location with custom access permissions to view and manage their own areas.

A dynamic, effective solution that can evolve to the user requirement.