CCTV Installation

Why use CCTV Cameras for Businesses in Ireland?

Commercial CCTV is a must have for many, from SME businesses to large enterprises, it is important to protect your staff, your site and your stock. There are several reasons to fit a CCTV system on your premises.

Benefits of Business CCTV Systems:

CCTV together with a security system offers complete protection giving great peace of mind.
Cost Effective
Securing multi-site areas with guards is expensive. CCTV is the extra eyes you need on your premises.
Security personnel can’t be everywhere all of the time. CCTV is always on.
Operational 24/7/365. CCTV works around the clock, accessible at any time from anywhere via your smartphone.
Supports Health & Safety
CCTV cameras can capture any accidents or incidents within the workplace. And provide evidence of the cause.
Time Management
Security cameras can track and verify changing staff shifts and capture the general flow of operational activity through the day.
Reduce Risk
A CCTV system is a proven deterrent which reduces the risk of break-ins and vandalism.
Protect Staff
Independent workers have the extra security and protection needed when working alone.
CCTV can be used to measure footfall numbers and improve business efficiency.
Business CCTV Camera Systems and Installations in Ireland

CCTV Features

For Commercial Security Systems

  • View cameras remotely on your smartphone 
  • Camera App can be downloaded to multiple devices
  • Receive notifications via the app when the camera detects movement
  • View in full colour day and night
  • Access real-time video recording
  • View playback footage (stored for 30 days per GDPR regulation)
  • Take still photos
  • Expand your system over time