Protecting your Sites

Security that never Sleeps

We recognise the importance in securing construction sites. We provide professionally monitored security solutions ranging from single-site to expansive construction areas.

With live cutting-edge CCTV and 24/7 professional monitoring, you can keep your sites secure, have instant visibility into key operational activities and gain substantial cost efficiencies.

Live HD CCTV - Remotewatch

Our Remotewatch™ Live HD CCTV solution offers remote CCTV monitoring with cutting edge technology. We use a form of Live CCTV monitoring which analyses the images presented to our operators. The technology ascertains whether it is a true alarm or a false alarm (e.g. a blowing tree). The advantage? Operator time is focused on real activations. This means quicker response time and a more efficient monitoring of your business.

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24/7 Professional Monitoring

Our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), is certified to European Standard EN50518 – the highest level standard an ARC can receive. To meet EN50518, an ARC must operate 24/7/365, including during a crisis and have comprehensive reaction time based on the risk priority for the customer. EN50518 certification covers all elements of monitoring centre operations from HR & admin all the way through to response times, even the type of doors used within our ARC!

All of our valued staff members have been trained to exceptionally high standards, are Garda vetted and are individually licensed by the PSA. We are people looking after people. We identify suspicious activity, acknowledge false alarms and recognise unusual patterns of behaviour with the aid of advanced technology so threats are verified and appropriate actions are taken.

We are licensed by the PSA and certified by SSAIB annually across a range of standards (including PSA 2006_12, I.S. EN50131-1:2006, PSA 74:2019, PSA33:2014, SR45:2013 + A1:2014 , SR 25:2005 , IS 228:1997, BS: EN50518 – 1:2013, BS: EN50518 – 2:2013, BS: EN50518 – 3:2013).