What are the Benefits of a Monitored Alarm System?

People underestimate the benefits of a monitored alarm system for a home. Monitored home alarms are proven deterrents and professional security experts are available 24/7 with immediate access to emergency services.

1. Guarantees you an expert response

A monitored alarm system definitely guarantees you an expert response. Over 1/3 of people passing by or nearby ignore a ringing alarm. Don’t leave your safety up to your neighbours.

2. Quick Response. In an emergency, seconds matter

Being connected to Action24’s Real Security Experts in an instant, makes all the difference. We’re awake, when you’re not.

3. Detect False Alarms

Action24 Monitored Alarms will instantly detect and notify you in the case of a false alarm.

4. Monitored Alarms act as deterrents

Action24 Monitored Alarms are a deterrent to burglars. There are too many risks for them with our monitored systems.

5. Monitoring Station Experts

Action24 Monitoring Station Experts have immediate access to police, fire and ambulance in the case of an emergency. The Gardaí only guarantee to respond to alerts from a verified alarm and with Action24, you will be verified and registered on the Garda Pulse System.

What are the Benefits of a Monitored Alarm system