Fire Protection

Action24 Fire Alarm Systems

When you think about security, you often first think about burglary and intruder protection. What about fire protection? It’s really important as fire accidents happen more often than you would think and fire protection often gets overlooked.  As we have had to spend more time indoors – cooking, smoking and electrical related fires have significantly increased. A fire can start in any room and the results can be devastating. It can take less than five minutes for a fire to engulf an entire property from the moment it begins.

Don’t get scared, be prepared. Action24 provides Fire Protection for your home: 

Fire/Smoke detectors provide vital early warnings
Allow extra time to evacuate
Immediately alert the Action24 monitoring centre

Fire Safety

Have a plan. It’s good practice to have an escape plan for you, your family and your pets in the case of a fire so everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency. 

Be Fire Aware

  • Have monitored smoke and fire detectors fitted in your home
  • Invest in a fire extinguisher 
  • Be careful not to overload plug sockets
  • Ensure candles are not left unattended and put them out before going to bed
  • Never leave your cooking unattended
  • Follow safety tips for all your heating equipment

Action24 provide monitored Smoke/Fire Detectors

Fire/Smoke detectors can be fitted during the original installation of your system or they can be added at a later date. There is no additional monitoring fee for adding these devices to your system.

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