Halloween not just for Humans

Ensuring you feel safer is our priority at Action24.  And while Halloween can be a great time for humans, it’s not quite the same for us pets.  So, we thought we’d take this time to talk about pet safety this time of year.

Trick or Treat

Let’s start with the treats.  First, be sure to keep them out of sight and reach.  Why?  Well…not all candy is safe for us.  Some candy is actually toxic.  Chocolate in all forms, especially dark chocolate or baking chocolate can be very dangerous for cats and dogs.  And, any candy containing the substitute xylitol can cause serious problems and reactions in pets.  Plastic wrappers are plentiful this time of year and they are not only a choking hazard, but they are not good for us to digest.  If you suspect your pet has ingested something toxic, please call your vet or your local poison control centre right away.


Carving pumpkins is especially festive this time of year, and something the whole family can get involved with.  We will be curious about this interesting looking jack-o-lantern you’re creating and the risk of getting burned by the candle flame inside, is a serious threat.   Be aware and keep your lit pumpkin out of reach.  Also, be sure to put it in a safe place so it won’t get tipped over.  Starting a fire with a carved pumpkin is not the Halloween story you want to tell.  So be sure your fire detectors are in working order.

Fancy Dress

Let’s get into the fancy-dress part of the fun.  Did you know that across the pond, Americans spent over $450 million last year on costumes for their pets?  Wow!  Well, back here at home in Ireland, while it might be cool to dress us up for Halloween, some of us really dislike costumes, and this can cause unnecessary stress.  You will know right away if your pet likes or dislikes the costume. Let them be the boss here.  If they are cool with their birthday suit….so be it.  But if they are liking it, be sure the costume isn’t restricting in any way.  Be sure we can move freely, that we can breathe properly, that we can see ok, and that there are no small bits we can chew off and digest, making us feel awful later in the night.

Bangers / Fireworks

And we all know this time of year brings out the bangers and fireworks.  These loud, sudden noises when you least expect them, rattles humans, but it really upsets us pets.  Putting music on or the tv will help muffle the noises, and during Halloween eve, keep us away from the door when the noises will be loudest and more plentiful.  Keep our toys nearby and… our favourite blankie.  The goal is to make us feel calm, safe and comfortable.

If you are going out and about this Halloween and bring us with you, be sure we have proper ID – a collar with ID tags or a microchip can be a lifesaver if we happen to wander off.  We don’t mean to wander off…we just get distracted.  There’s lots to see out there.

Your pet’s safety is a priority.  We know that, and we wanted to share our expert advice with you.  

Have fun this Halloween Season and Feel Safer with Action24.