The IQ Control Panel

What are the benefits?

The IQ Control Panel, like many modern security systems, offers several benefits to users looking to protect their homes or businesses.

  1. Integration and Compatibility: The IQ Control Panel is designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of sensors, cameras, and other peripherals, allowing users to create a comprehensive security system tailored to their specific needs. Compatibility with third-party devices and home automation platforms can further enhance the functionality and convenience of the system.
  2. Remote Monitoring and Control: IQ Control Panels feature remote access capabilities, enabling users to monitor and control their security system from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows for real-time monitoring of security cameras, arming/disarming of the system, and receiving notifications of alarm events directly to a smartphone or other mobile device.
  3. Advanced Features and Technology: IQ Control Panels incorporate advanced features and technology, such as touch-screen interfaces, voice control compatibility, and built-in Z-Wave or Zigbee connectivity for home automation integration. These features enhance usability and make it easier for users to manage their security system and other smart devices from a central hub.
  4. Enhanced Security and Protection: With features like encrypted communication protocols, tamper-resistant design, and dual-path communication options (e.g., Wi-Fi and cellular), IQ Control Panels offer enhanced security and protection against hacking and tampering attempts. This provides users with peace of mind knowing that their security system is robust and secure.
  5. Customisation and Flexibility: IQ Control Panels offer a high degree of customisation and flexibility, allowing users to configure the system to meet their specific security needs and preferences. This can include setting up custom arming schedules, creating unique user access codes, and adjusting sensor sensitivity levels to minimize false alarms.
  6. Professional Monitoring: The IQ Control Panel is connected to Action24’s professional monitoring services, where trained operators monitor the security system 24/7 and dispatch emergency services in the event of an alarm. This added layer of protection can provide homeowners and businesses with an extra level of security and peace of mind.

Overall, the IQ Control Panel offers a range of benefits that contribute to improved security, convenience, and peace of mind for users seeking to protect their properties and loved ones.