The Smart Plug

Integrate with the Action24 Smart Alarm System using the same app!

Smart devices don’t have to be complicated to be useful. A prime example is the Smart Plug: it simply turns things on and off!

However as part of your Action24 Smart Alarm System, the smart plug becomes true to its name!


  1. Configure your plug to the Action24 Smart Alarm App.
  2. Plug it into any wall socket.
  3. Plug your chosen appliance into it.
  4. You can actively control the plug from your smartphone app or automate it so that it reacts to schedules and triggers from your Action24 security system.
  5. You can use it with a lamp, a TV, a coffee machine, even your Christmas Tree Lights!


Smart plugs are extremely versatile with many benefits:

SECURITY: When you plug a lamp into a smart plug, it becomes a smart light with home security benefits. Smart lights can deter burglars by making your home look occupied when you’re not there. As well as controlling them remotely, you can set realistic schedules that mimic real life, such as having your lights come on in the evening, or at slightly randomized times. You can also take advantage of motion sensors to turn front porch lights into motion-triggered security lighting.

CONVENIENCE: Smart plugs are great for automating everyday kitchen devices. You can start your day with your coffee machine already working, or your tea kettle already boiled. If you like to slow-cook, you can load up your homely stew or curry in the morning and switch it on with your smartphone from work.

The other advantage of the ‘whole home’ approach is that when one action occurs it can trigger another. Through the app you can set your own rules, for example, when you disarm your alarm system, it can trigger your lamp to turn on.

ENERGY SAVINGS: Smart plugs can put a small dent in your energy bills by automatically turning off appliances like TVs, which consume energy in standby mode, when you’re not home or during the night while in bed. With your app, you can have them switch off when you arm your Action24 security system.

NO ‘APP-CLUTTER’: Most off-the-shelf connected devices need their own app to control them. By adding the smart plug to your Action24 Smart Alarm System, it is controlled within the same app ( This un-clutters your phone and makes it simple to interact with your home. When you go to bed, for example, you can turn off your smart lights and arm your security system via a single screen.

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