Smart Plug

Add more Smart Home functionality to your Action24 Home Alarm System with our Smart Plugs. Program lighting in your home to turn on/off at set times, and even remotely control your lighting from the Action24 App. Our Smart Plugs also allow you to program your lighting to activate if your alarm triggers – a useful safety feature should your alarm be triggered.

Guide to adding a Smart Plug

  1. Ensure the smart plug is plugged in and within 6ft of the panel before commencing the below.
  2. Once paired, it can be plugged in anywhere around your home
  3. Go to your alarm panel
  4. Tap Services > ZWave > Toolbox (spanner icon)> Enter User Code > Add Device
  5. Press the button in the middle on the smart plug (it will turn red)
  6. Panel will search and discover local plugs
  7. Screen will display when device has been added
  8. Once added the devices will update on your account within about 5 minutes.
  9. You can now turn on and off the lights from your smartphone app

To set schedules and rules relating to lights and to name your smart plugs you will need to log onto your alarm from a pc or laptop. To do so, click below and enter your username and password. Login

Setting up Scheduling

To set up scheduling for your smart plug (e.g. to have the lights turn on at certain times automatically)

  1. On a PC or laptop go to
  2. Click Login (Top Right)
  3. Log in with your username and whatever password you have setup (same one as your app)
  4. Click Automation on left
  5. Click Schedules (Top Middle)
  6. Click add new schedule (Top Right)
  7. Tick the box on right of the plug you wish to set the schedule on, if you want to set the same schedule for more than one you can tick multiple boxes.
  8. Select the days and turn on and turn off times.
  9. Click the “make approx” box if you wish to do so but remember that the on/off times may overlap if the set time is less than the “make approx” time i.e. 45 minutes
  10. Click Save

Repeat steps 5 to 10 if you wish to add separate/more schedules.

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