Key Fob

Add more Smart Home functionality to your Action24 Home Alarm System with our Key Fob. If you do not use the Alarm App to control your alarm system remotely, our Key Fob is a great alternative. 

Together with a keyring for convenience, you can unset your alarm from your car before you enter the house. You can set the alarm to Arm Stay from your bed. Immediate action with the touch of a button.

There is even a panic response functionality within this key fob when 2 buttons are pressed simultaneously.

The little device that does so much!

Panic Response Fob

Doubles as Medical Emergency Device

This device is used to contact the Action24 expert monitoring team when immediate assistance is required.

Alternatively it can be used as a Medical Emergency Fob, where the emergency contact is a family member, carer or other assigned keyholder chosen by the customer.

The fob can be worn around the neck or on the wrist.


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