Home Automation

Home Automation Alarm System

The first part of automating your home is the installation of the Action24 touchscreen control panel. This panel is the brain of your smart home and from this all devices are controlled. Once the panel has been installed and the protection devices fitted, we can then easily turn your home into a smart home.

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Add A Smoke Detector To Your Automation Alarm System
Enhanced Protection
Add wireless smoke detectors and wireless CO detectors to enhance your home automation alarm system. Any activations will be reacted upon in our monitoring centre and the devices are viewable on your Action24™ app provided with installtion.
Home Camera Alarm System
Add internal IP CCTV cameras to enable live view of your home from your app. These cameras work from your broadband so are easily fitted and can be moved around the house as required. You can set up recording schedules and view up to 1,000 saved clips on your App. For example set the cameras to record for 30 seconds every time the front door is opened.
Home Automation Alarm System
Lights and Electronic Devices
It is possible to easily integrate the control of your lights and other electrical devices (e.g. radio) from your Action24™ App. Simply pair your smart plug with the panel and you will be able to control the lamp, radio or other electronic device connected to the smart plug. The device will then appear on your App and is controllable at all times. For added security add lighting schedules when you are away from the home.
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