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All Action24 alarm systems come with the award winning alarm.com home security app as standard.

We have partnered with alarm.com to bring the leading home security and automation app for your home. For instructions on how to download app click here.

  • Trusted – Alarm.com is trusted by over 2 million people to protect their homes and businesses.
  • Integrated – The alarm.com app that controls your Action24™ system seamlessly connects the key devices in your home on one platform so they work together and work smarter.
  • Compatible – With all smartphones and tablets.
  • Notifications – Receive real-time alerts via text, push notification, email or phone call.
  • Easy access – Remotely set and unset your alarm.
  • Always aware – Receive notifications direct to your phone when literally any type of alarm event occurs in your home.
  • Forget to set your alarm? – Set up geofencing to remind you to set when you move a certain distance away from your home.
  • Keep track – Set up multiple user codes.
  • Lights – Control lights/radio/electronic devices (all from your home security app).
  • CCTV – View live CCTV footage from your home along with up to 1,000 saved clips on your Action24 smartphone  app.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and any Android device.


Accessible from any Smartphone or Tablet from alarm.com.

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