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Moving Forward: Our Innovative Security Alarm Technology

One of the smartest things about an Action24 alarm system is the proactive safeguards it provides for your family. Your system’s advanced technology detects potential danger and takes action on your behalf.

Our Insights Engine, Geo-Services, and Crash and Smash protection are all examples of proactive safeguards that work on their own, using cloud intelligence and real-time data from devices around your home.

One proactive safeguard, however, has a human element: professional security monitoring, which is provided on every Action24 alarm system

In an alarm event at your home—a break-in, or fire—an Action24 system sends an emergency signal, via dedicated mobile connection, to our monitoring centre. There, a trained security professional assesses the situation and quickly alerts your local Garda station or fire department to the emergency.

How important is professional monitoring? 

Do you need a service like this? After all, there are plenty of connected cameras and motion-detecting smart devices out there, all capable of alerting you to activity at home with a quick smartphone message.

Well, consider this:

Alerts are easy to miss. What if you’re not available when a break-in happens? What if you’re at the gym, or swimming, or at the cinema with your phone on “do not disturb.” Maybe you’re on an airplane, or even just asleep.

It’s inconvenient. Checking every alert, sorting harmless activity from the suspicious, and investigating each one – 24/7 – won’t be easy.  So you might find a great price on the camera, but when you have to provide your own security, you’ll end up investing plenty of time.

This isn’t your job. If there’s an emergency at home, your job is to focus on one thing: keeping you and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

For more information on our revolutionary Smart Home alarm technology, contact or call us on 01-2973333

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Staying Safe For The Summer: Home Security Tips

It’s summer, and many of us abandon our normal routines.  Children are out of school and into day camps that change every week.  The evenings are longer, and we have more opportunities to do things after work.  A sunny weekend might inspire at spontaneous camping trip.

Or the weather might stay wet and miserable, and a spontaneous city break to warmer climes becomes irresistible.   Most of the year, it is easy to stay in a routine.  But not in summer.  Summer is made for spontaneous fun.  And with the right home automation and security, you can enjoy some spontaneity knowing your home is secure. Here are our home security tips for the summer.

Without an automated home security system, you have to think about setting a timer for the porch light if you are going to be out late.  You can’t check what’s happening at your house, let alone determine what happens when you aren’t there.  But an automated home security system gives you a smart house.  And that gives you safety, control and peace of mind.

How Having a Smart House Changes Your Summer

Did you know that with home automation, you can monitor and control what happens at your home when you are away?
With your smartphone, you can turn electronics and lights on and off.  You can check live CCTV footage of your property to see what is happening.  It’s a cutting edge approach to home security that allows you to be more flexible and spontaneous in the summer and every other season too.

  • Check in when you are out.  If you want to know what is happening at home before you decide what to do with your evening, you can view real time video of your home on your smartphone.  Pet owners love this feature when they are deciding if it okay to leave their furry friends home alone a little longer or not.
  • Leave a light on.  In the winter, office workers know it will be dark when they get home.  But in summer, it is light very late.  So if you make a last minute decision to do something, you risk coming home to a dark house – unless you have a home automation system.  You can turn the lights on inside and out remotely from your device.  So no matter what time you get home, your smart house will be bright and ready for you.

Worries about home security shouldn’t cramp your spontaneous summer style.  With an automated home security system, you have a smart house and a secure house.  You’re in charge of your smart house, no matter where you are. You can read more home security tips in our expert blog.

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Home Security for Pet Owners

If you have a dog, you might find yourself alternating between a feeling of extra security and a sense of fear. Most dogs will bark if someone approaches the house, and they would certainly do their best to protect their humans and home. On the other hand, there is a steady trickle of disturbing news stories about beloved pets being stolen. How much can you rely on your dog to protect your property, and how can you protect your pooch?

While most dogs are good alarm systems, today’s criminals have methods to subdue and overpower dogs. Your dog certainly is a part of your home security. He’s an extra set of eyes and ears, with a high-powered nose and excellent instincts about people. He also comes equipped with two very effective deterrents: his bark and his bite. But he isn’t a comprehensive home security system. And he does have one key weakness: treats.

Your dog and your home security system can work together. Your dog’s bark is an excellent announcement system. It tells you someone is approaching, and it tells the person approaching that they have been detected. (This is a good reason never to scold your dog for barking at people arriving to your house.) But after that, your home security system should take over.

Your CCTV can tell you who is approaching. The intruder alarm will let you know if anyone tries to break in. Your remote monitoring will respond to any alarm activation by confirming the situation and then contacting emergency services as appropriate. While dogs can do a lot of tricks and learn a large vocabulary, so far they’ve not proven reliable about using phones.

Protecting Your Pets And Your Home

Unfortunately, your pets also need protection. They are more vulnerable in the garden than in the house, but there have been cases of thieves breaking into houses to steal dogs they believe are valuable. But a comprehensive, state of the art home security system offers strong protection. The flashing LED bell box is a good deterrent. A criminal who sees that and hears a dog barking knows your house is not an easy mark. And most of them will continue on, looking for a less protected target.

As every pet owner knows, criminals are not the only ones who pose a danger to your house. We aren’t talking about post carriers here. There is a member of your household who sometimes struggles with self-control and has a natural fondness for your shoes and clothing, the stuffing in upholstered furniture and anything you left out on the kitchen counter. A complete home security system that allows you to remotely view live CCTV can also clear up any mysteries about how small items in one room got into another or what happened to the packet of butter that was there this morning. Pet owners who work outside the home often wonder what exactly their furry friends get up during the day. Now it would be silly to install CCTV just to catch your pets at their antics. But it is a nice bonus that you can check the pet cam while you are at work. You can even remotely switch on some music if your pet seems bored.

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Home Security For Newlyweds

We are entering peak wedding season. Brides and grooms to be are overwhelmed by the details of their weddings and honeymoons, so it is hard to think of adding anything extra to the to-do list. But there is one group of people who prey on newlyweds for more than free food and drink at the reception. A wedding makes your home appealing to thieves for a few reasons. First, it provides an opportunity. A wedding means an empty house, and a honeymoon means it is empty for a stretch of time. People are often out of the home a lot in the run up to the wedding as well. Second, that empty home houses a lot of lovely new wedding gifts and the bride’s jewellery. That’s pretty tempting to thieves.

So one less glamorous step to take in the run up to a wedding is to review your home security. And if a couple is setting up housekeeping after the wedding or moving to a new home, that’s an ideal time to consider your home security needs. You want your new life together to be secure in every way, so it makes sense to protect your home with the latest home security solutions.

Feel Secure On Your Honeymoon

You deserve to relax on your honeymoon. The run up to a wedding can be stressful, and every couple deserves a break and a chance to remember why they got married. Your honeymoon should be relaxing and romantic, without a care in the world. And knowing that you have solid, comprehensive home security protecting your house 24/7 means you don’t have to worry about it.

With home automation, you can reassure yourself with live CCTV footage of what is happening in your home at any time. Or you can leave it in our hands, secure in the knowledge that Action24 has your back. Any alarm activation of any type gets a response from our trained team of security experts. We alert emergency services and the nominated keyholder, and you can arrange for Action24 to be your keyholder and take action when your alarm is activated. Neighbours and loved ones can be a great help minding your house, but with a team of Garda-vetted professionals you can totally relax knowing that your home has comprehensive security protection 24/7.

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See a Grand Stretch in Your Home Security

Spring is here, and the days are getting longer and brighter. In the winter, most of us leave work and arrive home after it is dark. We just want to get home and get comfortable after a day at work during the dreary winter. But when the sun comes out at long last, that changes. We’re more flexible. We generally expect to get home while it is still light, so we aren’t too worried about setting the lights to come on before we arrive. But now and again after a hard day, someone at work mentions how nice it would be to have a pint at that pub that just set up their outdoor tables.

Sure, it is possible to have one quick pint with your mates and arrive home while it is still light. But what if you’re having a well-earned great time and don’t feel like it? What if you would rather stay out? The last thing that should factor into your decision is fear of fumbling with your keys at your dark front door and worrying about your safety.

Flexible Home Security For Your Flexible Life

The app empowers you to operate your home security system remotely. When your plans change, you can easily change your home security settings to suit you. Put the lights and stereo on so your house looks occupied while you enjoy an evening out with your colleagues. Check the live CCTV video to make sure the cat is okay or review the saved clips to see what he’s been up to while you are away. Relax knowing that if any sort of alarm event occurs, you’d be notified in real time. works with all smartphones and tablets.

Our routines change with the seasons, and sometimes they aren’t so routine at all. One night you might have an emergency meeting, the next it might be a spontaneous pint after work. And sometimes it is something a lot more serious. A loved one could suffer an accident, illness or other crisis. Instead of heading home on your usual schedule, you could be visiting a relative in hospital or consoling an upset friend. And when a crisis strikes, it is a huge comfort to know your home is safe. We can’t control the infinite number of things that can disrupt our plans, but we can control our home security system remotely. That’s one less thing to worry about this spring.

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Waking Up To Your Dream Home

Whether you are dreaming or making solid plans, the Permanent TSB Ideal Home Show at the RDS from 21st to 23rd April is the place to get inspired. Featuring everything from the latest trends in colour and style to nitty-gritty advice on building an eco-friendly passive home, the Ideal Home Show is bursting with ideas on how to make your dream home dreams come true.

Popular RTE stars Declan O’Donnell and Patricia Power will be on hand offering expert insight and advice about how to transform your house. O’Donnell is a multi-talented judge in RTE’s Home of the Year as well as an architect, author and musician. Power is a leading quantity surveyor known for her role in the RTE show Room to Improve.

Of course, Action 24 will be there too. After all, if you’ve gone through the trouble and expense of making your home your ideal castle, you want to keep it secure. Most home insurers would frown on you digging an actual moat around the home that is your castle, but they tend to give discounts for a cutting-edge home security solution.

The Ideal Home Of The Future

Making your home ideal is about more than simply preventing disasters. It’s about the whole range of things you can do to make your home more comfortable, beautiful and efficient. Home automation is no longer a sci-fi dream. It’s a practical reality that allows you to monitor your home and adjust electronics such as your lighting and stereo remotely via your smart device.

Home Touch is a premier home security and automation package from Action 24 that is available at a reduced rate until April 28 th . This package includes sophisticated, wireless equipment to detect motion and opening of windows or doors as well as a touch screen control. Home Touch can also be set and unset remotely with a wireless fob or via your smart phone or device. This package includes professional monitoring and backup.

The Ideal Home Show will inspire you with the latest tips and techniques on everything from enjoying your outdoor space in style to making the most of your attic to going solar. Whether you are hoping to become a first-time buyer this year or preparing to downsize now that your children have all flown the nest, this is a great place to learn about what you really want from a new home. And if you are staying put and making the most of the home you already have, this is where you can learn how to make your ho-hum house into your ideal home.

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Key Benefits of Using a Professional Security Company

Your home alarm needs to do more than make noise. If you and most of your neighbours are at work when your alarm goes off, what will happen? People will get annoyed. They’ll wait to see if it goes off before they think about taking any action. Meanwhile, an intruder or fire could be destroying your home.

It is handy to have a trusted neighbour have a spare key just in case you get locked out. But if your alarm is going off, is it really wise to ask a neighbour to put themselves at risk going into your house to see what is happening? That is one key benefit of using a professional security company. Action24 offers a monitored alarm service for customers throughout Ireland. When your alarm is activated, our team is notified instantly. We take action instantly to protect your home by contacting emergency services, and if you have arranged for us to be a keyholder, our team will attend your home if you are unavailable.

The Key To Home Protection

If you’ve signed up for Action24’s keyholder service, whether you are stuck in a work meeting or lounging on a beach overseas, someone will look after your house. If your alarm goes off, it won’t just blare and blare while the neighbours silently resent the noise. Our team of security experts will be on hand for you.

When you go on holidays, it makes sense to have a friend or neighbour check your home daily. They can take in your post and tidy up any litter in your garden to make your house look lived in. If you have pets such as fish or cats staying at home, a friend can feed them and make sure they are okay. But in the event of an emergency, you need more. You need the experience of a well prepared professional security company.

If you have signed up for Action24’s keyholding service, if your home alarm goes off and you are unavailable, we can dispatch trained security personnel to your home. We work with emergency services and act as your representative on the scene. Action24 is your eyes and ears, working to ensure the safety of your home no matter where you are.


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Preventing A False Home Security Alarm

A monitored home security alarm gives you great peace of mind – unless it goes off when it shouldn’t.  False alarms do more than annoy everyone in the area.  They put an unnecessary burden on emergency services and discourage people from responding when they hear a neighbour’s home alarm.  And if it happens when you are away on holidays, it can be seriously distressing.

You can take some simple steps to prevent home security false alarms.  Of course, it helps if you have an up to date, sophisticated Action24 monitored home security system.  

  • Make sure you know how your home security system works.  Review all features, especially those you don’t use regularly.  If you have any questions about how it works, call your security company.  They should be happy to help you. The Action24 HomeTouch alarm systems comes with the innovative App which allows you to control your system, your way.
  • Be aware that pets and children can set off your system.  Close doors and use baby gates to prevent children and pets from straying into areas with a motion detector when your system is set.  And remember that both children and pets can open doors.
  • Make sure anyone you have authorised to enter your home in your absence knows how your alarm system works.  If you have professional cleaners or tradespeople coming to work, you either need to teach them how to use your system or else use your smartphone App to set or unset the system remotely. With an Action24 system you can remotely set and unset your alarm system from anywhere in the world with our smartphone App. Alternatively, you can give special codes to visitors, which can then be changed easily at a later date. Never ever leave your alarm unset when your house is vacant.
  • Keep anything movable away from your internal motion detectors.  Be aware of balloons, toys and anything hung on a wall that is not totally secure such as a child’s artwork put up with sticky tape. These can set off motion detectors and cause false alarms.
  • Contact us for advice on how to keep your home security system working if you are doing any type of renovations or a major cleaning project.  Dust and steam can interfere with your alarm system.
  • Test your alarm system monthly to make sure all features are working properly.  

False alarms are annoying at best, but they can be downright dangerous at worst.  Avoiding them just takes a little effort. For more information on the Action24 home security alarm system contact us here or call 01-2973333.

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Come Visit Action24 At The Ideal Home Show

ideal home show

The Action24 team are delighted to be one of the exhibitors at this years Autumn Ideal Home Show at the Royal Dublin Society in Ballsbridge.

The show kicks off today (Oct 28th) and will run for the duration of the weekend until Monday (Oct 31st). As part of our exhibit, we will be showcasing our extensive range of home & business security services including our brand new HomeTouch™ package, you can find us at stand O80.

This package gives you full control of your home’s security from your smartphone, offering you peace of mind each time you leave your home. If you are attending the exhibition this weekend, why not drop over to our stand and view this excellent system in action.

If you would like to learn more about our exhibit or our HomeTouch™ package, you may contact us here.