lower insurance with house alarmOne of the often overlooked and even unknown benefits of getting a house alarm and making use of other home security methods is that it can lower your home insurance. 

Irish insurance company 123.ie for instance, confirm on their website that people can get a discount “for having an approved alarm system installed in your home.”

An approved burglar alarm is one that is compliant with all current European standards. Once this is installed, most insurance companies will insert an alarm clause in your policy allowing for a reduction in your house insurance costs.

Another Irish company, Chill Insurance, say that getting an alarm installed by a recognised company (such as Action24) “will be taken into consideration by your insurer when you are arranging your home insurance policy. The level of discount you may be offered can depend on the type of alarm you have in place and the insurer.

They also add that “installing an alarm system might appear costly but the long-term benefits in terms of home security and potential discounts on home insurance can make it worthwhile.”

The higher level of security an alarm provides, the higher the discount that can be applied to your home insurance. At Action24, with our Remotewatch alarm system we can discreetly monitor your home and alert the authorities before any intruder can gain access to your home.

We have trained operators in our newly refurbished hi-tech monitoring centre who will warn any intruders that they are being watched and that the Gardai are on the way.

See how our Remotewatch system works by watching the short video below: