A monitored home security alarm gives you great peace of mind – unless it goes off when it shouldn’t.  False alarms do more than annoy everyone in the area.  They put an unnecessary burden on emergency services and discourage people from responding when they hear a neighbour’s home alarm.  And if it happens when you are away on holidays, it can be seriously distressing.

You can take some simple steps to prevent home security false alarms.  Of course, it helps if you have an up to date, sophisticated Action24 monitored home security system.  

  • Make sure you know how your home security system works.  Review all features, especially those you don’t use regularly.  If you have any questions about how it works, call your security company.  They should be happy to help you. The Action24 HomeTouch alarm systems comes with the innovative Alarm.com App which allows you to control your system, your way.
  • Be aware that pets and children can set off your system.  Close doors and use baby gates to prevent children and pets from straying into areas with a motion detector when your system is set.  And remember that both children and pets can open doors.
  • Make sure anyone you have authorised to enter your home in your absence knows how your alarm system works.  If you have professional cleaners or tradespeople coming to work, you either need to teach them how to use your system or else use your smartphone App to set or unset the system remotely. With an Action24 system you can remotely set and unset your alarm system from anywhere in the world with our smartphone App. Alternatively, you can give special codes to visitors, which can then be changed easily at a later date. Never ever leave your alarm unset when your house is vacant.
  • Keep anything movable away from your internal motion detectors.  Be aware of balloons, toys and anything hung on a wall that is not totally secure such as a child’s artwork put up with sticky tape. These can set off motion detectors and cause false alarms.
  • Contact us for advice on how to keep your home security system working if you are doing any type of renovations or a major cleaning project.  Dust and steam can interfere with your alarm system.
  • Test your alarm system monthly to make sure all features are working properly.  

False alarms are annoying at best, but they can be downright dangerous at worst.  Avoiding them just takes a little effort. For more information on the Action24 home security alarm system contact us here or call 01-2973333.