Whether you are dreaming or making solid plans, the Permanent TSB Ideal Home Show at the RDS from 21st to 23rd April is the place to get inspired. Featuring everything from the latest trends in colour and style to nitty-gritty advice on building an eco-friendly passive home, the Ideal Home Show is bursting with ideas on how to make your dream home dreams come true.

Popular RTE stars Declan O’Donnell and Patricia Power will be on hand offering expert insight and advice about how to transform your house. O’Donnell is a multi-talented judge in RTE’s Home of the Year as well as an architect, author and musician. Power is a leading quantity surveyor known for her role in the RTE show Room to Improve.

Of course, Action 24 will be there too. After all, if you’ve gone through the trouble and expense of making your home your ideal castle, you want to keep it secure. Most home insurers would frown on you digging an actual moat around the home that is your castle, but they tend to give discounts for a cutting-edge home security solution.

The Ideal Home Of The Future

Making your home ideal is about more than simply preventing disasters. It’s about the whole range of things you can do to make your home more comfortable, beautiful and efficient. Home automation is no longer a sci-fi dream. It’s a practical reality that allows you to monitor your home and adjust electronics such as your lighting and stereo remotely via your smart device.

Home Touch is a premier home security and automation package from Action 24 that is available at a reduced rate until April 28 th . This package includes sophisticated, wireless equipment to detect motion and opening of windows or doors as well as a touch screen control. Home Touch can also be set and unset remotely with a wireless fob or via your smart phone or device. This package includes professional monitoring and backup.

The Ideal Home Show will inspire you with the latest tips and techniques on everything from enjoying your outdoor space in style to making the most of your attic to going solar. Whether you are hoping to become a first-time buyer this year or preparing to downsize now that your children have all flown the nest, this is a great place to learn about what you really want from a new home. And if you are staying put and making the most of the home you already have, this is where you can learn how to make your ho-hum house into your ideal home.